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Toyota GT86 RC Spec Version Pahe

Toyota's new GT86 is officially sold in the Japanese market, recently. Luckily, the Japanese market got a different model order "half naked" or saving package (pahe) which most likely will not be available for other markets. The latest release of Toyota vehicles are named GT86 RC Spec. In the spirit of a sports sedan, a lot of features that are circumcised. It is said, to save weight and price.


Proton Car: Looking for Excess Car Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the cars are pretty well-known brands in the world. Although Indonesia was the brand is still difficult to obtain. In view of this car manufacturers do not have a factory or a sales agent serving in Indonesia. For fans of motorsports, especially Formula 1 racing car, the Ferrari name is certainly not a familiar name. Therefore, the team sponsored by a company bearing the Prancing Horse is one of the team that often won the championship. Some of the world famous racer's name, never felt the sensation of driving as fast as a jet with a Ferrari engine.

Ferrari is one of the world-class car brand that comes from the Italian state. The car was first produced in 1928. Ferrari car output is known to have qualities that no doubt. So that's not a secret anymore if the price is priced for a production car Ferrari well above the average price of other cars.

Only certain circles alone is capable of having branded cars, like the Hollywood actress or a world-class athletes as well. Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United, including one who liked the Ferrari production car.

One of the unique Ferrari is owned, that most of the production car is a sedan type car. In addition, the engine that is paired in the car that many super-powered categorized and standardized for racing or sports activities.

Excess Ferrari
As the European car and has a price is not cheap, of course Ferrari compensate with many advantages in their production cars. Some of the advantages Ferrari cars made ​​so many choices among the world's millionaires are:

1. The quality of existing engines in cars Ferrari has a high standard as the standard of racing cars. Thus, in addition to the speed issue, Ferrari also guarantees toughness in their car engines.

2. The stability of the car. With the support of qualified machinery, offset stability of the car so the car is not easy to wobble when driving at high speed. This is obtained with a very aerodynamic car designs that minimize exposure to wind.

3. Exclusive properties in the sales process makes this car Ferrari has a high prestige value for its owners.

4. Guarantee the existence of a total of Ferrari car if there are problems with production, then the Ferrari is ready to provide full reimbursement. Consequently, until recently not heard the news about the problems that arise in a Ferrari, because it's been through a rigorous quality control process.

5. Ferrari has a sophisticated interior and all-electric and boosted the loose living room for the driver and passengers. This is one characteristic of the European car comfort for passengers.

Proton Car: Looking for Grass in Neighbors

Proton is a car brand that was a bit strange in the ears of Indonesian society. Indonesian consumers are more familiar with the cars made ​​in Japan or European countries although Proton cars are from countries Malaysia, Indonesia neighbor.

Proton production
Many manufactures Proton sedan that visually has a luxurious feel, for example Proton MPV bertype Exora, such as KIA Carnival. There are several series Proton marketed in Indonesia, namely the Proton Savvy, Proton Gen-2, Proton Persona Elegance, and Proton Exora. Late 2010, Proton make a breakthrough by providing special pricing for consumers new proton car. However, the Indonesian market seems less enthusiastic about the cars made in this neighboring country.

Price Proton
Proton somewhat bold in fixing the selling price. Prices are posted something like Japanese cars that are ingrained in the minds of consumers in Indonesia. The downside is that Proton is not a lot of agents in Indonesia. From here, consumers have been reluctant to start because it can be assumed that if his agent a little, definitely too hard to serve the center. In addition, proton selling price is also very saggy. That said, the selling price of the protons used to down 40 percent.

Proton's existing series, one of which is the Proton Savvy. Car sedans or mini-mini this car pegged Rp114.000.000, 00 for the manual transmission type and Rp124.000.000, 00 for type automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the selling price of the scar is only about Rp80.000.000, 00. Proton Savvy carries the engine with a capacity of 1200 cc, D4F cylinder with 16 valves. Its engine has a power of 74 horsepower (hp).

More About Savvy
Savvy has two transmission options, ie manual or automatic with 5 speed. For added convenience in driving a Savvy, Clarion mounted single disc with 4 speaker system. To monitor any road congestion, has provided radio. Body Savvy Galvanize made ​​of steel plate 0.9 mm thick type L3.

Do not be afraid wallet fast depleting due to consumption of only 1 liter of gasoline Savvy for 16km in the city. If you are taking out of town, gasoline consumption could be up to 20km per liter. Savvy Design is the result of collaboration with the British Lotus sports car.

Proton Savvy, although very economical mini cars and gasoline, were created with full force. When lauched full speed, capable of reaching top speed Savvy 170km/jam. Amazingly, Savvy able to move the transmission mode from manual to automatic and vice versa. The technology was named after AMT.
Proton production

Proton Savvy body wrapped by Galvanize steel 0.9 mm thick type L3 is able to protect the rider from danger of collision. Test body strength reaches 17.000n/mm. Savvy has the nickname of mini cars as tough as a bull. Because the strength of the body from the dangers of this conflict, the Proton Savvy gets international recognition Crash Safety Rules and Regulations that the Proton Savvy is a very safe vehicle for the rider.

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