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Nissan Silvia S14 As Fighter Jets

Car, now is not lhanya serves as a means of transportation. Now widely used to channel creativity. One is a modified version of the Japanese Nissan Silvia which alter the appearance of the output 1999 such as jet fighters of World War 2. Told, modifications to this car was inspired by jet fighter aircraft.

Zenki named after a modified Jet Fighter. The name "Zenki" taken from the Japanese comic character, the king of stealth and the origin of the car accident is also unclear. Time it is only found parked neatly in one corner of Tokyo.

Graphic exterior appearance of cheating total of fighter aircraft. The original intention kupe sports car is also changed. This car is like a piece of history tells the story of World War 2 with a logo featuring the swastika, the Nazi symbol.

The exterior was given a gray matte paint and rust effects to give the impression of dull atgau obsolete due to age. Then, the bolt-bolt mounted prominently on every body connection.

The aspect that makes the car look like it looks frightening is the large front bumper lip like Dower. And the rear mounted air ducts on either side. Whereas at the end of the trunk lid spolier added little to resemble ducks. Replaced with glass rear grille plus side triangle glass redesigned.

The legs are also shortened so that the body is making its way into the asphalt. The result, with a metallic gray color and the yellow line from the rim of DNA, making the Nissan Silvia was the typical appearance!

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