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Juke Nissan, New Nissan Cars

Most of the year we will easily get the information and promotion of car-makers about the new car they produce. This indicates that the potential of Indonesian society is still considered good in the economy and welfare. So this might impact the projected purchase of new cars that may be done by people throughout time. Moreover, at this range has a lot to offer convenience to consumers in the process of buying a car. Either through credit or in cash, will be served by the car manufacturer in the country.

However, this new car manufacturers like having a time that is considered fit to launch their new products. Two moments are widely used as a time to introduce the new product is at the end of the year and the approaching celebration of the feast of Eid al-Fitr. At two this time, the process of buying a new car by the people of Indonesia will increase rapidly. The goal is to prepare for the two particular day, so they have no trouble welcoming the transportation problem for both celebrations. On the other hand, by buying a new car at this particular moment, be able to raise the prestige and social status in society and relatives that they visit.

One of the few manufacturers who released their new car ahead of Eid celebrations in v z011 is a Nissan 2x4. By carrying the flag of Indonesia Nissan Cars, manufacturer of this re-launch their new product in June. This is exactly as they did in 2007, at which time they chose in June to release their new variants, namely Nissan Grand Livina into civilian life. June was chosen considering the month was bersamaaan with vacation time school children. So by launching a new car for the month, is considered to be a vehicle of choice to spend time preparing for the holidays and also Lebaran.

Nissan Juke
One of Nissan's newest product that was launched in early June 2011 is the Nissan Juke. This car is believed to be a family choice Indonesia, with its unique appearance and design supported by a formidable machine. The uniqueness of this new car from Nissan including the appearance of a car that combines toughness characterized Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV with the luxury of a lot to offer in sports cars. It is thus strongly featured on this Juke Nissan grille appearance, with a round lamp design as typical of a sports car.

In the kitchen spur, this car is equipped with 1500 cc engine capacity of type HR 15 ED. On this machine, equipped with dual injectors, mass produced for the first time. In another variant, is also equipped with Nissan Juke larger engine, which is 1600 CC. This machine type MR 16 DDT, with the turbocharger imbued with a DOHC (Double Overhead Chamsaft). In the 1600 cc version, capable of generating power by 188 horsepower at engine speed 5600. With that much power, Nissan Juke is able to be driven up to reach speeds of 160 km / h on a straight road. Engine power can still be maximized up to 6400 revolutions per minute. Only, in the round, the power generated is less than the maximum again.

With a compression ratio of 9.5: 1, car is capable menghaslkan maximum torque of 177 lb force at 2000-5200 rpm. DIG system or sequential Injection Gasoline was attached to support the smooth process of combustion of this car. To get this car, offered two kinds of prices for each variant. For Juke Nissan CVT, the price is priced 255.1 million while for the Nissan RX rewarded for 265.100.00. Both the price offered is on the road price for consumers.

In Indonesia alone, cars like Nissan is hardly rare Juke is produced by car manufacturers homeland. That is to say a car that has a blend of SUV and sports car, only to be found in the look of the Nissan Juke. For those who like adventure in having a unique car, the Nissan Juke this option is appropriate. Because, in the end by buying this car its role will shift. This car is no longer just a means of transportation, but also will become a means of self-actualization for its owner.

Weaknesses Nissan Juke
On the other hand, Nissan Juke also thinking about a weakness. Although there are weaknesses that are not too many, but for those that want to use this car on a particular field must begin to think again. Therefore, a car designed with a blend of sport and SUV is less able to devour the character field that can be encroached upon the weight as easily by an SUV. This happens when the car was conducted trials in the area of ​​Bali, especially as it passes through the region Jatiwuluh.

In the region, the character of a bumpy road show enough weakness inherent in this Nissan Juke. Some problems were encountered in the undulating terrain of which the entry of engine noise into the cabin, giving rise to noise. In addition, the roar of the engine sounds more like a powerful bark.

However, for those who want to use this car to travel the smooth terrain such as urban, not many problems will be encountered. The maneuver is quite stable, due to traction tires are very strongly attached to the asphalt raises its own convenience. In addition, wind can dimimalisir with a fairly aerodynamic car design, so this car can be invited to run fast without having to fear the wind from the front shocks.

Nissan Silvia S14 As Fighter Jets

Car, now is not lhanya serves as a means of transportation. Now widely used to channel creativity. One is a modified version of the Japanese Nissan Silvia which alter the appearance of the output 1999 such as jet fighters of World War 2. Told, modifications to this car was inspired by jet fighter aircraft.

Zenki named after a modified Jet Fighter. The name "Zenki" taken from the Japanese comic character, the king of stealth and the origin of the car accident is also unclear. Time it is only found parked neatly in one corner of Tokyo.

Graphic exterior appearance of cheating total of fighter aircraft. The original intention kupe sports car is also changed. This car is like a piece of history tells the story of World War 2 with a logo featuring the swastika, the Nazi symbol.

The exterior was given a gray matte paint and rust effects to give the impression of dull atgau obsolete due to age. Then, the bolt-bolt mounted prominently on every body connection.

The aspect that makes the car look like it looks frightening is the large front bumper lip like Dower. And the rear mounted air ducts on either side. Whereas at the end of the trunk lid spolier added little to resemble ducks. Replaced with glass rear grille plus side triangle glass redesigned.

The legs are also shortened so that the body is making its way into the asphalt. The result, with a metallic gray color and the yellow line from the rim of DNA, making the Nissan Silvia was the typical appearance!