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I was a blogger from Indonesia. More precisely in the area of East Java, Jember. I was born in Jember on July 14, 1996. Indeed I was very young ages. But, the passion for blogging has nothing to do with age. Blog does not know age. Hehehe.

I started to become a blogger in 2010. At that time my blog was not that I use today. But it is a v-rizal.blogspot.com. That is my first blog. From the blog that I started exploring the world of internet. After years of these blogs have not been successfully entered on Page 1 Google Search Engine. Because that's when I was not familiar with SEO. And at that time I was blogging just to learn the design alone. For example, to enhance the appearance. For the problem of SEO, at that time, I still do not know.

After a long time in the world of blogging, I'm tired. Why? Because at that time my blog is empty. But after a few months I get up again. This happened because I heard my friend's success with a free blog. That is Blogspot. Well, this is where I started blogging again. And I continue to learn and learn blogging. Ranging from SEO, Design, and others. Lots of eBooks that I have learned.

Then after learning deemed sufficient. My first stop learning. I continue to create a new blog. And thank God managed to get on Page 1 Search Engine Google. It is a pride for me a newbie to get Page 1 at the Search Engine. But, unfortunately the blog is not to make money. Because the trigger banned by Google Adsense.

Maybe it had all I can tell a little story of my life being a blogger. Hope can motivate you. Greetings success!

Want to know the complete history of my life? Please join me on Facebok. Click here to go to my facebook profile.