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Three Limousine The Fiat 500 Convertible

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There is the latest innovation from the Italian carmaker, Fiat. Fiat has combined three Fiat 500 car into a limousine by Castagna Milano. The third car of the Fiat 500 limousine is named LimoSun respectively, LimoCity, and LimoCity President. Limousine has dimensions of 5.32 meters long, 4.1 meter wheelbase and 149 cm high, especially LimoCity.

LimoSun is one of the most unique model. Base vehicle using the Fiat 500C convertible. This model comes without the rear doors, both sides perforated. In the middle passenger seat and rear facing seat. Portion of the roof can be opened or closed according to the desires of the car. In addition to the American market, reportedly will also be marketed version of the Middle East region.

For version LimoCity President, is the largest model from other versions. The machine uses two electric motors for propulsion. LimoCity President made ​​an AWD (All Wheel Drive), so it could go up to speeds of 160 km / h. This model is claimed to have traveled 249 km on a single, full of fuel.

As for the LimoCity an enclosed version and includes a circular sofa, mini bar, and the electric sliding doors (sliding doors). Fiat 500 limousine is also available in a five-speed manual transmission system and will follow a six-speed automatic transmission.

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