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Piaggio Scooters Launches New Color

Piaggio and Vespa synonymous with a unique design in all product output scooters are wrapped with an attractive color. This time the Vespa LX 125 and LX 150 ie introduced three new colors are tempting for the Indonesian market is Liquid Grey, Midnight Blue and Tuscany Brown. Vespa Special on Midnight Blue and Tuscany Brown, both present with brown upholstery.

As an Italian who has been legendary icons, the Vespa is present not only as a product but further than that, the Vespa has become a way of life for the urban community who want to be different and stylish. With the introduction of three new colors, further strengthening the image of the Vespa stylish and fashionable, and now consumers have an increasingly diverse color choices fit your lifestyle and personality.

The combination of classic design and elegant timeless has been the hallmark of the Vespa scooter that makes the difference between most. Vespa has come with color options Vulcano Nero (black), Rosso Dragon (red), Avorio Naiade (ivory), Monte Bianco (white) and Giallo Lime (yellow).

Three new colors this Vespa Vespa colors add to the collection to a total of eight pillihan color. Piaggio Liberty 150 ie, scooter with a dynamic design for an active person, also issued two new colors of Liquid Grey and Bronzo Perseo.

With the presence of a new color, Piaggio Liberty is now available in 5 colors, namely Vulcano Nero (black), Bianco Perla (white), Midnight Blue (dark blue), as well as new colors Liquid Grey (gray) and Bronzo Perseo (bronze)

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1 comment:

  1. Hohoho .. Rs 80,000 for this bike. Piaggio has gone mad LOL. What a joke is this bike wah wah. Only people who dropped their brain somewhere will buy this bike.