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Excess Mazda RX 8

Mazda is one car brand that originated in Japan. This country is renowned as one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Even though not among the largest automobile manufacturers, but the brand is well respected because it has several advantages that are quite promising.

Mazda is a company that stood since 1920. The company was founded in the area of ​​Fuchu, Aki District, Hiroshima Japan. In the production process, largely conducted in the territory of Japan. Only a fraction of the production process is conducted in regions outside Japan.

The reason Mazda did this strategy is an effort to maintain the quality of their production. So it will not appear on the quality gap between Japanese and Mazda Mazda production outside of Japan. It is certainly intended to maintain customer satisfaction and creating customer loyalty on the user's Mazda

In Indonesia alone, more Mazda products are known for this type of sedan. Some Mazda products in Indonesia are well known among Interplay Mazda 323, Mazda 626 Interplay, Mazda Van Trends and quite horrendous is when the Mazda made ​​a series of sports in Indonesia.

Mazda RX 8
Production class sport sedan Mazda to be named Mazda RX 8. This type of car is designed like a futuristic sports car, with two-door concept. Market segments to be achieved from product launches Mazda RX 8 is the young people who still have high spirits.

Mazda RX 8 Some of the advantages of this include:

- Bertype rotary engine concept that makes all the existing machines can work optimally. The system used or the type Renesis Rotary Engine Genesis.

- Power generated by highly qualified machine even though the capacity of the existing cylinder on Mazda RX 8 is relatively small. But on the other hand it has consequences on borosnya fuel consumption is needed.

- Car body is classified as very futuristic sports raises a very strong impression attached to this car.

- Engine was smooth despite having tremendous power.

- The choice of manual and automatic transmission system so that it can give consumers the freedom to choose.

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