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Excess Car Honda Civic

Honda Civic is one of timeless production that ever issued by car manufacturers namely Honda, Honda Motor Co.. This car is designed with the concept as a sedan type car. Since first launched in 1972, has recorded dozens of times a process of change made ​​by Honda Motor in order to create perfection and follow the development of existing technology.

When first produced, using the concept car Honda Civic two-door hatchback with no back or tail. The product is given a name which means the relationship between the civic population. So the car is expected to be enjoyed by everyone so that each party can be interconnected with the media as a means of transportation car.

In Indonesia alone, more commonly known as the Honda Civic sedan type car with four doors. Although in essence, in Indonesia itself had attended a two-door Honda Civic Honda Civic named Wonder. Civic was the star among the youth of Indonesia in the beginning of its emergence in 1984 until 1988. Because his appearance is considered quite dashing and fashionable for teenagers and young to be stylish with two-door concept car style racing.

Excess Honda Civic
Until now, the Honda Civic has been marketed in more than 163 countries. And his presence enough to get an appreciation of the local community. This is because the big name car manufacturers Honda as a cheap but quality unique to Japan. In addition, the Honda Civic is also considered to have several advantages than other cars in its class.

Some advantages include the Honda Civic:

- Honda Civic engine quite powerful in its class. Several series of cars is often used for automotive events such as car racing or off road activities as well as rally cars.

- Body of the car that followed the development of the era made ​​the Honda Civic has always seen as a car that seemed futuristic and modern.

- Honda Civic auto parts is very easy to obtain. So when there is damage, it will not encounter difficulties to find a replacement.

- Resale prices remain stable. This is because the quality of Honda products are known by the public.

- Fuel consumption is quite frugal. So that car usage is quite economical and profitable.

- The room in which quite a relief to make the passengers and the driver is not easy to feel tired during a long journey.

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